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In Rash the mom is the caregiver. She is a caregiver because she cares about her kids and wants to direct them in the correct way. Even if she fails to do so, she still loves her children and family. She is also a caregiver because she follows the rules no matter how crazy and ridiculous they are.

Tuck this in your Bible or in your car somewhere - a great list for yourself or your kids. Be sure to click on link to read about the original source. 10 Things God Wants You To Remember.

Why do we care about play? Did you know that more than just about any other activity, play is what promotes the healthy development of your child! The most important thing to remember about play is that it should be pleasurable.  That means that if your child is having fun, then you are doing it right!  Play

Why would we want to put our children in front of something that has even an ounce of sin when we could be doing something edifying with our children?!