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Baseball-Inspired Footwear : baseball heels

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Shark by Kobi Levi. I wonder if they play the theme song from "Jaws" when you walk in them!

Coffee Inspired Shoes. i wouldn't wear them, but i'd set them on, you know, a coffee table.

Heels designed to look like you have gum stuck to your shoe... HAHA!!

Inspired by everyday things and everyday situations. By Kobi Levi. I don't know if this is art or a joke. In any case the design is funny and original.

Eren Jeäger x Corporal Levi Rivaille Ackerman It's so cute I couldn't help myself but post

Home plate shaped napkins - easy & cute idea. #baseball #party #napkins

This show took my heart, stamped on it, ground it into the ground with its heel, and then repeated it.

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