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Bubak is a scarecrow-like man who hides on riverbanks, making sounds like a lost baby to lure adults as well as children. He drives a cart d...

Get Your Newborn Sleeping Through the Night

It seems getting your baby to sleep at night is a common hurdle for new Moms and Dads. At this point in the game, sleep is that fine line between sanity and insanity. When you’re not getting any, it really wears on you!

Underworks Post Delivery Belt - Lost all my baby weight in two weeks with this belt. Wore it night and day starting the day I left the hospital. Will definitely order another for the next pregnancy (stretches out a bit).

I love to use tv theme songs for quick brain breaks and transitions from seat to carpet and lining up. This site allows free downloads and has endless titles!

18 Qualities Every Alpha Woman Should Look For In Boyfriend

"The moon comes up and the moon goes down Another sleepless night, another sleepless town but I got you, yeah I got you Whenever I think about what I thought Seems to get lost watching all the rain drop Cause I got you, yeah I got you You can call me papa And I'll call you baby Don't forget your mama's my, baby too" - SWEETEST quote!

The Heart Family! These were just like Barbie, just darker hair. I preferred them for that reason! Mama Heart even had a baby, complete with baby bump! All our Barbie/Heart stuff was sold by my sis in the late 80s.

The best feelings in the world are all feelings inflicted by concerts. Bass bumping through your whole body. The crowd singing as directed by the artist. Seeing the one who makes every walking day worth it. Having 2 hours of pure happiness and joy where you can forget whatever is happening outside those venue walls. Concerts man. They provide all the best feelings for me.