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a lovely photo of Lady Tamara in the Faberge tiara, taken by Gareth Cattermole

A lovely profile view of the Faberge tiara

A close up of Lady Tamara, taken after the wedding ceremony, wearing the Faberge myrtle leaf tiara.

Princess Marie Jose left the Faberge tiara to her daughter, Princess Maria Gabriella, though no photo has been seen of either of these ladies wearing this tiara.

The Westminster, 1903, Faberge Cyclamen tiara, along side two other Faberge tiaras

On either side of the display plinth, Faberge's diamond and blue enamel tiara, and the diamond kokoshnic of the Prussian royal family, as well as the two Faberge tiaras owned by the Dukes of Westminster

The Faberge diamond Myrtle Leaf tiara. Made in 1906 for Hugh William Grosvenor, Duke of Westminster, as a wedding gift for his bride, Lady Mabel Florence Crighton

The Faberge Myrtle Leaf tiara was worn by Lady Tamara Grosvenor, daughter of 6th Duke of Westminster, when she wed Edward van Cutsem, on 6 November 2004, in Chester Cathedral.