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Found this image in another folder of the Infantas Pilar, wearing the Cartier Loop tiara, and her younger sister, Margarita, wearing their mother's sapphire tiara

Pilar's younger sister, Infanta Margarita, does seem to have done as much tiara wearing. This dainty diamond tiara comes topped with pearl spikes... which can be removed

Maria de las Mercedes two daughters, Pilar on the left, wearing her mother's sapphire tiara, and Margarita on the right, wearing a diamond tiara with pearl spikes

Sofia Cecilia looks to be wearing something similar to this diamond and emerald tiara, though this is still in what you'd call the rumour stage

The reverse side of the pearl tiara seen on Cayetana, with her back to the camera far right, along with the Countess of Romanones, with the emerald tiara on the left and Marianne Sayn-Wittgenstein in the middle wearing a diamond floral tiara