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from The Toast

Suffragettes Who Mixed White Supremacy With Women's Rights

Suffragettes Who Sucked: White Supremacy And Women’s Rights. ~ Wow, this is awful, and SO important!

Sierra announces King's Quest Chapter 3: Once Upon a Climb: The release schedule for King's Quest has been so lengthy, that I would…

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Car Rides Pain is debilitating because pain isn’t subtle. Pain demands your attention, and it clouds your vision and shackles you to your limitations. The once necessary becomes luxury; getting out of bed and showering every day. Taking a walk or reading a book. Cooking dinner with your family or going out with friends on a Friday night. The things that were once so important in our lives become seemingly impossible tasks. Ripped from our grasp with no conceivable way to win them back…

from Career Girl Daily

7 Things Successful Career Girl Always Have In Their Bag

A career girl’s handbag should be full of the essentials and only that, but realistically there is no end to what c