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Down to Earth Design - online articles on natural building & sustainable design- a great starting point to learn about lime plaster

How to Apply Perfectino Tadelakt lime plaster ? - YouTube

Tadelakt is a Moroccan plaster that is essentially waterproof. The plaster is made of lime, sand, and pigment that is applied, compressed and then burnished with a polished stone to create a smooth, glossy, extremely touchable finished surface.

Homemade Lime Plaster for Earthbag/Superadobe House | Painting & Sponging Walls

Lime Plaster and Lime Wash on Cob or Straw Bale Wall - The Year of Mud: Cob House & Natural Building

homemade chalk paint with plaster of paris-@homemade by suzy

I love the idea of building in the space between the containers.