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A study once found out that women who watched the show Friends generally had a negative effect on how satisfied they were with their bodies. Researchers have pointed out that underweight women are over represented on TV and only 5% of the women on theses shows are overweight. Shows like Gossip Girl target young people and this contributes to teenagers having a distorted view of how they are supposed to look.

Work like a Humphrey, Think like a Bass, Act like a Waldorf, Look like an Archibald, Dress like a Van der Woodsen

Perfect cup for a Gossip Girl fanatic! Cup comes exactly as it is in the picture. If you would like different colors, send me a message and Ill make

What Is Poetic License: Definition and Examples

Historical proof that people could be as raunchy back then as they can be today! Beautifully costumed and a great ensemble cast.Definitely not for young children; there are many scenes with nudity and sexuality; as well as some graphically violent scenes.

There's going to be an entire generation of kids who get this song sung to them while they are sick.