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Classic sculpture Athena goddess of wisdom and reason, violence and war, philosophy & creativity

Zeus was the dispenser of justice and protector of human rights. If a mortal was acting better than the gods or lacked hospitality towards another god, he or she will be struck with a lightning bolt sent by Zeus.

Greek God Zeus God of: Sky and Thunder Son of: Cronus and Rhea Roman Name: Jupiter

Quiz Result: Who's your patron God/Goddess I'm Athena take the quiz guys!!!

Athena is the Greek Goddess who symbolizes wisdom, strategy, and war. Athena is an armed Goddess of war, and was never portrayed as a child, always as a virgin.

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Greek Sculpture

Marble statue of Athena, known as "Athena Mattei" - height m, Roman copy c. BC after Greek bronze model of the century BC - at the Louvre Museum

using GIMP this is a WIP that has me a bit frusterated. for one thing, i'm unsure whether i should shade each color independently or whether i should do. Athena with Owl WIP

Terracotta statuette of Athena - from 2nd century BCE, now in Pella Museum

Terracotta statuette of Athena - from century BCE, now Pella Museum