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Now, to be correct, I believe it was Anthony Hopkins (playing C.S. Lewis) who said this in the movie "Shadowlands." However, this quote is imprinted on my heart and brain, and it drives my teaching philosophy. It is an enduring and beautiful truth.

21 Powerful Quotes That Capture The Magic Of Music

Yet again good old Bob Marley. Yet it is the lyric in this case. When I am upset, in love, or in pain these emotions affect the music I choose. Often it calms me down. Most of the time I forget or get over it before the end of the song.

Harold & Maude "If you want to sing out, sing out." Mini Poster

3 Hobbies... Singing plays a big role in my life. Me and my family sing together alot, at churches, family events, and other things. Ive been singing scince i was little and i never want to stop:)

Luna Lovegood Quote with Deathly Hallows Symbol Original Watercolor Painting

I'm a girl who loves the simple pleasures. Good books, a cup of tea, sunny days, cupcakes, playing with my darling boys, writing letters to my lovely friends... Here is where I collect pictures of things that make me smile. Visit my other blog too, at