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Burning Man 2012 (89 of 114)

| Ill never forget rounding the corner to this sight. Everyone around ...

Oh rosebud of youth have you not been loved yet? My sweet one so innocent and pure have you not felt the lure? your day will come that's for sure. Heather burns

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This Is What It Looks Like When 68,000 People Build A Temporary City In The Nevada Desert

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Rustic yet Modern, Beautiful Furniture with Wood Leftovers from Brazil (Photos)

How beautiful is this work from Lara Donatoni Matana. She uses wood leftovers from furniture manufacturers, pieces of wood found in the surroundings of Cuiaba and dead or burned trees to make beautiful pieces of art. And now, furniture.

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34 exemplos fotográficos de perspectiva forçada

34 exemplos fotográficos de perspectiva forçada | Criatives | Blog Design, Inspirações, Tutoriais, Web Design

London, 2012, Sep 12: 1st part: The 11-times German Senior champion of artistic gymnastics, the nearly 87 years old Johanna Quaas from Halle, Germany, is now the oldest active gymnast of the world! 2nd part: The world's Heaviest Sportswoman weighing in at a staggering 203.21 kg (448 lb or 32 stone).

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