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Do you and your child have a plan for success in school? Blogger Barbara Hunter offers a CHEERful way to approach school success proactively.

Hovering, Part II. Barbara Hunter offers practical advice on building independence in the student with ADHD or a learning disability.

A recent injury gave blogger Barbara Hunter insight into what it would really feel like to struggle with executive skills like planning, organizing and prioritizing.

Parents share with blogger Carmen Mendoza what it was about Springer that made the difference for their children.

Success for Children with Learning Disabilities: Using Support Systems. Support in school and at home promotes success for students with learning disabilities.

Blogger Dr. Jason Mott continues his series on building resilience by addressing the impact of personal competence and ways parents can encourage it in their children.

Students on ADHD medication are sometimes curious about whether they still need to take it. Blogger Dr. Mary Ann Mulcahey cautions that the beginning of a new school year is not the best time to experiment.