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How to Raise Cattle on Small Acreage - From Scratch Magazine

#goatvet likes this infographic about the stomachs of ruminant livestock.

#goatvet likes this infographic about the stomachs of ruminant livestock.

The record-keeping app is designed for beef cattle farmers and ranchers. Some of its key features include: calving records, treatment records and general herd data. The easy to use app helps keep records consistent and organized. Say goodbye to those little paper booklets!

I believe this 100%. Especially when it comes to showing cattle! A good showman works everyday, for hours at a time to get their show animals ready for each show. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to be successful but in the end the rewards are endless. People may think I am different or weird for spending so much time in my barn with my calves but I am living my dream...what's yours?

Keeping cattle is one of the many livestock choices a homesteader can make to secure a year’s supply of meat and to take that extra step in self-reliance but it’s not for everyone. #homesteading #selfreliance #cows

10 Popular Breeds Of Cattle For Raising On Homestead.

Farmer Sign Farmers Sign Farming Sign Made In by BearlyInMontana, $25.00

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Almanac Wooden Sign - Ode to a Cow

Ode to a Cow. A lot of our business is Ode to beef and dairy cattle and the hardworking farms that own them.