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Chocolate Champagne Layer Cake

id. I took my favorite chocolate cake recipe and subbed part of the water for champagne which gives it a subtle champagne flavor that I love. Enough to taste but no too much to take away from the chocolate. The filling is a vanilla champagne buttercream and the outside is a super silky chocolate buttercream (which you could also add champagne to, if you're feeling extra boozy). I can't think of anything more festive to eat while waving goodbye to 2016.

How to Become Mr. or Ms. Mother Hen – Day 14

Children's book writer, Wendy Salter, and her family raise silkie bantam chickens. In Wendy's Sugarplum Recipes Book Series, the Sugarplum family lives on an organic egg farm with two pet chickens named Tuturella and Bow-Tie Boy. Children's book writer

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