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Hair Ties have been used for many years, but in recent years they have been made into even more of an accessory. The new elastic hair ties that come in various colors, patterns, materials, etc. Especially among young women these hair ties have become a very popular trend, originally only purchased from exclusive vendors, these hair ties have become available in various different locations. They have started a new buying habit for consumers which will most likely continue to trend. Paige…

As fall and winter approach, a new wave of attire are beginning to trend or resurface. Last year the military inspired jackets became popular and seem to have come back in full force this season. The military influence can also be found in boots and other items, influencing consumers to buy because it has been such a popular trend. Overall the effect of the military inspired products has created a masculine yet feminine look where women can be comfortable but still stylish. Paige Crowley

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History of the Trend: Fashion Scarves

As the winter season approaches more rapidly you are going to see more and more colorful scarves worn to spice up what would otherwise be known as a plain outfit. You seen scarves during fall but because it is getting colder you are going to see them more. The trend of wearing scarves has gotten rather large over the past few years. Not only are they cute and come in different colors and patterns, they help to keep you warm on the chilly winter days. Jasmine B.

Mullet dresses have been popping up all over the place as of lately. Mullet dresses are short in the front with a hemline that get progressively longer as it moves towards the back. This type of dress has been very popular with young women and have been available in many different locations. The trend has been popular during the summer and fall of 2012. Jasmine B.

Beanies are not just for bad hair days, skaters, and stoners. They're fashion statements now. Teenagers to adult women throw them on now and can help add that edge to a simple outfit. Also depending on the material they can be very warming, which is the typical reason for purchase during the fall/winter time. Beanies have pretty low price points and found at many stores. Nashelle G.

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Spring 2013's Most Wearable Fashion Trends

Another upcoming trend that you can see coming is the trend of designers putting emphasis on black and white looks. Black and white are classic neutral colors so they will always be in style but designers are making sleek, simple garments that can be worn year-round and the way the colors are put together is very structured and modern. Jasmine B.

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Spring 2012's Most Wearable Fashion Trends

The fashion trend of color blocking has been a very noticeable fashion trend in the past few months. Cheerful colors for spring were used in color blocking not only for clothes but for shoes as well. Most design bloggers would suggest that you stick to only 3 colors max to avoid the look rainbow brite look. Jasmine B.

The ankle high heeled bootie has become very popular this fall. As we transition from summer to fall and swing right on into winter women are steering away from peep-toe and strappy heels. The heel on these booties is usually fairly thick which adds for comfort and a more practical shoe. -Katie Patchin Floral dresses with a waist belt are hot for spring 2013. These dresses hit the runway tough for the collections for spring and summer of 2013. They come in many different styles and pattern variations. -Katie Patchin

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Spring 2012's Most Wearable Fashion Trends

Another fashion trend that showed up in Spring 2012 is the resurgence of peplum skirts, shirts and dresses. This is a fashion style from the 18th century that has come back in style with more of a modern twist. The peplum starts at the natrual waist and exaggerates the hips which cause the waist to appear smaller than it already is. You can expect to see many more influences from the past because understanding the past can influence the future in fashion design. Jasmine B.