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Hair Ties have been used for many years, but in recent years they have been made into even more of an accessory. The new elastic hair ties that come in various colors, patterns, materials, etc. Especially among young women these hair ties have become a very popular trend, originally only purchased from exclusive vendors, these hair ties have become available in various different locations. They have started a new buying habit for consumers which will most likely continue to trend. Paige…

As seen in this blog, high socks have been a common trend last winter and has carried over to this winter and fall. These high socks are most commonly worn with boots and women seem to enjoy the comfort of wearing this trend with also comfortable leggings. This trend has shown the importance of comfort as well as style in these winter trends. Especially found in places where the weather gets cold, consumers are influenced to buy this type of item. Paige Crowley

Rain boots have become an increasingly popular trend over the last few Fall and Winter seasons. As the weather gets colder and rain begins to come, boots like these become a very common sight due to the fact that they are both functional and fashionable. The weather can be a very influential aspect with trends and this trend will be much more commonly seen and adopted by consumers in areas where there is either rain or snow. Paige Crowley

The Extras: Fall 2012 Accessories Report

According to BAZAAR, this Fall one of the trending accessories is the oversized bag. This accessory was seen in multiple occasions on Fall 2012 runways featured by various different designers. The influence of an event such as Fashion Week and runway shows will prompt consumers of all niches to purchase this type of accessory. Due to the fact the oversized tote can be produced for multiple target markets, it is predicted to become one of the most popular accessories this season. Paige…

Turban headbands are the fall version of the full head turban that many people were wearing this summer. They are popular especially in knit this time of the year because they can keep your ears warm while still looking stylish. It goes along with the bohemian/care free style and is offered at all price points. Nashelle G.

This Lace Skater Dress is a very popular trend for the past summer and will continue on into the fall. The silhouette is very figure flattering and an overall easy dress for on the go women. It's also great because with the current economic status people are spending much less and so an item like the skater dress is a food buy because it's multi-occasional. Nashelle G.

Ashcreek Poncho

Another recently popular trend is the Maxi dress and skirt. Beginning in the Spring Maxi dresses and skirts have really become a high priority demand for all target markets. This picture from Athnropologie shows one of the many designs of Maxi dresses, they are very versatile and can be worn by many different groups of people for many different occasions. Paige Crowley

As fall and winter approach, a new wave of attire are beginning to trend or resurface. Last year the military inspired jackets became popular and seem to have come back in full force this season. The military influence can also be found in boots and other items, influencing consumers to buy because it has been such a popular trend. Overall the effect of the military inspired products has created a masculine yet feminine look where women can be comfortable but still stylish. Paige Crowley

This Fall season booties have been very popular. Ranging in styles from a wedge, platform, pumps, flats, etc. The bootie has been viewed as very popular and trending in the fashion industry. Booties are a variation of the very classic fall trend of boots. Overall booties have become a fall staple and continues to trend. Paige Crowley

History of the Trend: Fashion Scarves

As the winter season approaches more rapidly you are going to see more and more colorful scarves worn to spice up what would otherwise be known as a plain outfit. You seen scarves during fall but because it is getting colder you are going to see them more. The trend of wearing scarves has gotten rather large over the past few years. Not only are they cute and come in different colors and patterns, they help to keep you warm on the chilly winter days. Jasmine B.