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Poor Spidey always the butt of the joke.

Thor Is a Jerk Spider-man needing to go to bathroom really badly and Thor has put the lid down and put his hammer on it.

Avengers! We have a hulk.

Tony hypes everyone on the team but himself. For the most arrogant guy ever (Stark Expo?) he gets that this is a team effort. Which says a lot about why it's Caprain America: Civil War

We have a hulk. Haha!  One of my favorite lines right there!

Avengers & Loki<<<They should have put a picture of both Natasha AND Clint together

"I have an army" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G5KRIxzqrgU

I could be (and probably am) wrong but it sounds like Benedict is the one filming it.

Everyone else is like well this is cool and fun, while both the Captain and Loki just glare at Iron Man cause they just know something is up...

Geek Art: THE AVENGERS Family Photo

The Avengers Fan Art - the-avengers Fan Art <_-------- look at Thor still looking at Loki with that brotherly love and Loki still doesn't see it