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Woman Writes Touching letter to the man who molested her, her Grandfather  “A letter to my molester” To: Albert “Candy” Walker I’m pretty sure this letter as well as the steps that I’ve decided to take towards my recovery will generate some negative responses, I know I’ll lose so called friends & phony family. But I want you to understand that I don’t care how anybody feels about the hidden truth or if they choose not to speak to me. It’s not about you, it’s not about them & it’s not about…

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What I Wish More People Understood About Losing A Best Friend

Most of the time, people don’t assess the situation they’re in until a crisis hits. And this usually comes at a time when it’s already too late to alter their course of action. The chances we miss, the relationships we didn’t cherish or unfinished tasks we didn’t complete. Nobody wants to learn things too late …

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INFOGRAPHIC: What High Heels Are Actually Doing To Your Feet

We all love heels... But take care to alternate btw heels and flats! There are some really pretty flats out there ;3 --- High Heels Infographic: What Pumps Are Actually Doing To Your Feet (INFOGRAPHIC)

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No tolerance...I love this! Makes me realize there are many things I need to change in 2015