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The most graphic manga I ever read but I still love it

Running his hand through the Angel's hair the young monster asked him,“ how does hell feel like boy?”

"Empty threats won't do.... you've got to own up your words and have your fists ready to back you up." O.V.D.M

Idea: The human boy watched me with wide, fearful eyes, only making my sadistic smirk grown wider. Mommy always said not to play with my food, but that was when we were at the table. But mommy's dead and I'm in a playful mood.

Synopsis A man trains a young woman how to become a complete weapon. After proving ready she embarks on her own mission to put a stop to a group of sadistic boys who kill blonde women for sport. Let the hunting season begin.

She’s Come, the Childish Sadist and–oh look. The Secret Project.

Meg, Blinked and saw Casper staring at he. She blushed turning away. 'What's so special about you? Why do I like you?'

Fullmetal prince... My destiny is to some how gender bend my way into royalty and in the process loss some limbs O-o