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More than any star today, she had so much personality that, in fact, she was brighter on the fly than the screen, though she was able to dazzle there. It's just that the scripts became so lame and limited, while in life she was full of great energy. Today, they'd go with a reality show to capture her liveliness and wit…AC

RIP: Natalie Wood pictured her in 1961 07/20/1938 - 11/29/1981

Michael Caine + Natalie Wood by Bill Ray -- 1966. (Caine said in his autobiography that Natalie Wood was one of the women he met and was encouraged to date during his early days in Hollywood)

Robert Redford and Natalie Wood relax on the set of "Inside Daisy Clover" (1966) /// They are so in love, here and on the set of This Property is Condemned, that it's a shame they never went for it and married… AC


The TIME Vault: 1955

In 1945, LIFE's Martha Holmes paid a visit to 6-year-old studio newcomer Natalie Wood, who smiled sweetly in pigtails but, according to her Tomorrow Is Forever costar Orson Welles, wielded a "terrifying" talent. Affectionately called "Natasha" by her Russian-immigrant family -- a name she'd give her own daughter decades later -- Wood was under a seven-picture contract with International but still attended public school, played with dolls, loved the simple thrill of flipping pancakes.