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Souta Inui is a manager at Megapro talent agency, an agency responsible for turning young, beautiful women into stars. Inui, however, spends his time at the office ogling posters of the idols his agency manages, yet to bring in any new tale...

I like the "actual" old star wars movies the best... ya know solo and what not. However I'm looking forward to what disney has in store for us!

@Cassandra Butler, this is EXACTLY what doris did ..only she used points instead of stars (however, if they earned ALL their points for the day she did say they got "All Stars." I kind of like stars better, it keeps a visible reminder!

Short Vowel Phoneme Posters... This is one of the best I've seen!

Art Deco Designs | Art Deco Weekend® Art Deco Weekend Poster – Miami Design ...

As scientists we are trained to communicate our research using particular methods and platforms; predominantly through manuscripts, posters and power point presentations. However, there are diverse...

Fitness Roll-up Template #design Download:
from GraphicRiver

Fitness Roll-up

Fitness Roll-up Template #design Download:

Minimal Rock Poster- Simplistic negative space illustration that draws the audience to the bottom corner to read the details of information.