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Dan & Phil!! I know that this board was supposed to be just for dan but i love this picture :') Dan is adorable of course but look at phil! This is my favorite photoset of the two

mia on

I get really nervous when I have to speak out loud. After I saw this tweet, about a month later, I had to do an oral report and I started getting shaky and such. Then I imagined Dan hugging me and I calmed down. I got an A! Thanks Dan! Love ya! <~ omg

For all the people who didn't get to meet them today at VidCon, (like me, sniff) Dan and Phil made this picture so you could Photoshop yourself in and pretend you did :) <<<< Awwwww

lauren on

I was playing this game with my dad, and he was trying to remember the name of Dan and Phil, but, he ended up calling them DALE AND KEVIN?!?! So, I guess it's daleisnotonfire and AmazingKevin....