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Sensory Diet Template By Mouse & Tracy

Sensory Diet Activity List By Mouse & Tracy

from The Sensory Spectrum

5 Ways to Tune Up Your Child’s Sensory Diet

Creating an effective sensory diet can be challenging, but for the child with sensory processing disorder, a sensory diet can make the difference.

Is your child a sensory seeker? Learn more about it and get tips on great sensory processing disorder toys for sensory seeking kids.

A sensory diet is an occupational therapy intervention strategy devised to attain and maintain appropriate arousal states throughout each day. A sensory diet consists of a carefully planned program of specific sensory-motor activities that is scheduled according to each child's individual needs...


Travel Sensory Diet Bag for On the Go Sensory Needs

This <b> Travel Sensory Diet Bag </b> is perfect for on-the-go sensory needs for kids with Sensory Processing Disorders children experiencing the Autism spectrum. Read on for tips to help with sensory issues while out and about: Have you ever been out shopping the day before Christmas Eve when the entire city is packing everything from pineapples to pickles in their carts? And while you wear...

Sensory Diet Activity Reference Sheet available from Your Kids OT Shop. Over 100 Sensory Activities.

Looking for how to create a sensory diet? Here are some great resources for therapists, parents, and teachers on creating sensory diets.

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Sample Sensory Diet for School! Autism. via