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Palais Royal Department Store was purchased by Woodward and Lothrop around 1940 and renamed "Woodward and Lothrop North Building".

1924 by DC Metrocentric: Way back in 1924 the District’s downtown area centered along F street was a destination for shopping for the entire region. The area had everything from department stores to butcher shops. All that slowly disappeared through the next 80 years and only recently have the shopping options started to come back, however you would still be hard pressed to find many grocery or butcher options now. By the way, almost none of the buildings in this picture still stand today.

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Roof - This space is laid out so very well...two floors of indoor bars/seating leading to a giant rooftop with two bars of its own. In it's less than two-year run on U Street, it's popularity hasn't really waned much because That. Roof.

(NY)The Rotunda Graced by a spectacular oval skylight and murals painted by Reginald Marsh, the white marbled Rotunda, with its grand proportions and stunning elegance, is the perfect spot for a majestic or singular event. All of the museum’s exhibit halls and galleries are accessed through the Rotunda, and may be opened for your guests during evening events.

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