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People became angry about being taxed and signed a petition that rejected the stamp act.

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Road to Revolution Cause and Effect Chart

Students will graphically organize the "road to revolution" through a cause and effect chart. This assignment can be given during or after a unit of study on the causes of the American Revolution. As students complete the chart they begin to understand the domino effect of the French and Indian War in causing the American Revolution (Revolutionary War).

This is a FREE Bingo review game that covers topics related to the causes of the American Revolution. Answer key and customizable bingo board are included! #free #socialstudies #freebie

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American Revolution Station Activity with Graphic Organizer Worksheets

This content rich activity is student centered and interactive! This Road to Revolution activity has 11 stations with close readings detailing the events that led to the American Revolution including: the Stamp Act, Townsend Acts, Intolerable Act, the Boston Tea Party, Lexington and Concord, Tea Act, the Proclamation of 1763, Pontiac's Rebellion, the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Paine's pamphlet, the English Bill of Rights, Social classes in the colonies and the Sugar Act.This…

Road to Revolution (Boston Tea Party, Intolerable Acts, Lexington & Concord) - YouTube

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'I have, who has?' Road to Revolution Game

'I Have, Who Has?' Road to Revolution Game! This activity includes 36 terms of the important people, vocabulary, and events of the lead up to the American Revolution! A great activity for your students to review!

The Road to Revolution - American History Games & Activities for Kids

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Road to the Revolution Illustrated Timeline Project

This is a very colorful timeline. Artistic students would really have the chance to shine while completing this!

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Road to Revolution: The Colonies Unite- An Active, Engaging Unit

Are you looking for an engaging unit to use while teaching your students about the events leading to the American Revolution? You've found it! This unit contains a Road to Revolution wall display, lesson sheets, lesson activities, primary source analysis sheets, a relay review activity, and a unit test.

Road to Revolution Bulletin Board- Assign students or groups different dates and have they draw the events that happened.