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Wayward Goose Farm: Cow of the Day. I visited this farm in June, and loved Dan and Laurie Brooks's charming farm. In addition to raising their Jersey and Brown Swiss cows, Laurie's beautiful artwork is visible on the painted sides of their barn, and in her gorgeous hand-made pies.

Whoever drew this: I will find you. And I will love you. In a friendly way because the other way would be weird

A Mute Swan, probably in the hope of some food from yours truly, trudges across the frozen surface of Loch Ard in the Trossachs.

deanwinchesterwantsthecass: “ i-believe-in-dean: “ darkdragonn: “ marie-zv: “ I love to watch on the wings of angels. ” I used to love that too ” well fuck ” go sit in the corner ”

I'm sorry but this made me laugh & I needed that tonight! :(

Give Me a Sign by *Nattie-Chan “Father, am I doing the right thing? Am I on the right path? Give me a sign. I’m afraid of what I’m becoming.”

Celtic Druidess & her crane. Other Celtic Druidesses: Dio Cassius mentions a Druidess named Ganna; Camma, a priestess of the goddess Brigit, was clearly a Druidess. Female Druids, the Bandroai (Bandruidh), we are able to gather from the sources available to us is that the Bandroai were Seers and Prophets. Mebd the Queen of Connacht, consults a Druidess named Fidelma.

from Society6

Supernatural - Sam Winchester Quotes Art Print by Natabraska

Lol the episode where they're telling the same story and make fun of each other is too funny

I want to find the other end of the rainbow :) go on a wild goose chase, and have the time of my life being a kid again. High school takes all the adventure out of life.