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Harold A. Skaarup, author of Shelldrake

Waistgunners on what looks like a B17New meaning to up to my arse in brass and still shooting fast

Caught in the Widow's Web, by Jack Fellows (Nakajima Ki-84 Hayate 'Frank' & P-61 'Black Widow')

Westland Whirlwind SF- P of 137 Squadron at RAF Manston, Kent (1943) (due to slow development & delivery, only 3 squadrons were fully equipped with the Whirlwind during the war)

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This photo is usually captioned as WWl or vintage aviation: it is not a vintage photo ,not from WWl or any war, not the first woman mechanic or anything like that - this is a modern photo and a good photo. Nothing wrong with staging "vintage" photos or re-enactments, but there are plenty of "real" old photos of "real" old times. Unfortunately, I didn't keep her name and the original photo has been taken down - she is a modern model, Russian ,I think.

The Macchi C.200 Saetta (Italian: both Arrow or Lightning), or MC.200, was a World War II fighter aircraft built by Aeronautica Macchi in Italy, and used in various forms throughout the Regia Aeronautica (Italian Air Force).