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STEM Challenge - Trampolines

This is such a fun STEM idea…use a colander and rubber band to make a trampoline! Then test it by dropping a ball on it. Would be so easy to do at home or in the classroom. Great blog post from "STEM Activities for Kids"

Quilted Ball Ornament Tutorial--Useful hint--put first pin slightly off center so that the point will be sharp. She also divides the ball into quarters using 3 rubber bands and then marks them.

Given 8 straws, 8 craft sticks, 2 rubber bands, 6" masking tape, build a tower that would support a tennis ball. The ball has to be 10 cm off the table. You MUST use ALL the supplies!

how to put a Ball Jointed Doll together 1.dowel pins epoxied into each joint of your BJD. 2. Line each joint with leather (soft side glued to the porcelain, shiny side of leather out, very important) 3. Assemble your springs, swivels, and s-hooks.The picture below is a sample of how one portion of the Ball Jointed Doll (BJD) assembly is constructed; each section will be different: