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Haunting time.

You are a ghost. No one can hear you, see you, or feel you. Recently, you've started to haunt a college student around your age. They'd be your best friend if you could only communicate, you're sure of it. And then, one day, they look up and ask you "why do you keep following me?"


Barefaced cheek.

I stare wide eyed. I knew he had to be someone low ranked. I can tell from his walk. But the fact that he had no mask on is what frightened me. His face was obviously used to the sun. "Stop him!" I hear people shout before the unmasked man runs off, giving me a wink.

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How to Get High Cheek Bones Naturally with Facial Exercises

Don't envy those who have high and sexy cheek bones. Learn how to make your own cheekbones more prominent naturally using facial exercises, makeup, and fitness best practices.

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Playing with glitter—makeup artist Emi Kaneko on how to create the perfect look

Honey: "Do you think that this is Haruhi's first kiss?" Tamaki: 0_o "HARUHIIIIIIIIIII!" *lunges and causes her to ACTUALLY kiss her*