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issero - Google Search

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My favorite tumblr post ever. Thank you wadjet for blessing my life with this :')

Ship name Yahoogle?<<<Do not make me start shipping search engines I have way to many ships already sailed, and at the point they have gone to far and I'm drowning

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The 85 Funniest Tweets Of All Time

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That's a Teen Wolf quote bitches. Now, gimme some Solangelo fluff

Relating Moments To Kpop

Relating things to kpop I can totally relate with my friends and my ships especially when it has to do with Yaoi

Percy as person B would accidentally say it out loud and Annabeth would start blushing

Person A and Person B are sitting on person A's bed, and A is telling a story/singing and B is just staring at them thinking "this is the person I'm in love with.

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Jack gets tangled up and Emma laughs, Emma definitely falls off the latter and Jack catches her, I can see both of the singing, and Emma puts on the music and Jack starts dancing with her.