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I love reading aloud to my older girls, and this year I came upon a book that we all loved! 10 Ultimate Truths Girls Should Know by Kari Kampakis was one of our favorite reads of the year. I loved it so much that I asked Kari to write a guest post for my blog. If you have preteen or teen girls you don’t want to miss this book! There are certain things in life worth waiting for. A really awesome {Read More}

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To My Daughter Looking for Love: Don't Settle for Anything Less Than This

This mom's letter to her baby girl about what to look for in a husband is a must-read! Awesome to share with your daughters.

10 Things that can Hurt Your Child's Self Esteem! Good news....all links are working now!!!! Phew! Thanks to the @Matt Valk Chuah Mother Company for fixing it! =)

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10 Ways to Help Your Child Build Friendships

10 Practical ways that we have tried to encourage our children to build friendships. This is especially helpful information if you are in a situation where you have to move often or your kids struggle with fitting in and finding solid friendships.

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Helping Your Daughter Deal with Mean Girls

I have a daughter now, and one of my greatest fears is getting her through those tumultuous, insecure, awkward middle and high school years with her sense of confidence intact. I would love to protect her from every mean girl, every unkind word, and every sting of rejection possible. However, I recognize not only the impossibility of that, but also the lack of wisdom in doing so.