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Clinton campaign calls out Kellyanne Conway/Trump's campaign for becoming a platform for white supremacists.

But his face is always ugly with his squinty eyes and asshole lips; he can't help it

History appears very likely to repeat itself on these and many other fronts following the Trump election ... Stand up and fight, make your voice heard!

Yeah, funny that... After eight years of spreading lies and rumours about a scandal free Presidency, Republicans want everyone to get behind a lying, cheating, misogynist, racist!

Stop using the politically correct term "Alt-Right" and call it for what it is; "White Supremacist". Yeah, I know a lot of people who are probably really nice, are going to get pissy because they're being lumped together with Neo-Nazis. Unfortunately, that's what happens when you stand by someone who was being supported by hate groups and did almost nothing to distance himself from them

But Trump says he should be able to keep profiting from all his many business interests -- screw conflict of interest.

~Well, we've established that racists and people destined by their willful actions to be on the wrong side of history prefer not to be called racists, bigots, nazis, etc. Even though that's exactly what they are.~

TBH I'm not feeling very kind towards Trump supporters lately.

Because conservatives accept the outcome no matter how horrible it was to have a second term of someone who despises this country