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tayari blog: Mikumi & Udzungwa Mountains

Katlynn Yost on her social media pages is known as the “Daydreamer” with many pictures showing her in a gray-fox costume. The 17-year-old teen is custody also facing murder charges. She was confirmed to be in a relationship with Frank Felix. An unconfirmed story has it that Katlynn convinced Frank to help her commit murder and was never an innocent part of the tragedy as she was always resentful towards her mother and deemed mentally unstable.

!! FRANK FELIX (left), of Sun Valley, CA, and JOSH ACOSTA (right), of Fort Irwin, CA, have been arrested in the murders of three people in Fullerton, CA. ~ These worthless maggot bastards MURDERED a girls family for her because her family didn't want her dating one of these POS! Rot in prison you a!!holes, and die in your own retched scumbag filth before you visit the devil in the hereafter. Your lives are about to become hell on earth, deservedly so! !!

!! Police have arrested this teen and two men, FRANK FELIX and JOSH ACOSTA for the deaths of three people in Fullerton, CA, officials announced Sunday. ~ This bitch was involved in the MURDERS of her own family. May she rot her worthless ass in prison for LIFE! Whoever she may think she was, she's not and never will be again, as she'll be OLD and uglier should she ever get out of prison! !!

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Vintage 1982 Lisa Frank Felix the Cat Magician Sticker 80's

Vintage 1982 Lisa Frank Felix the Cat Magician Sticker


Suspects, victims in SoCal triple slaying were animal costume "furries"

Suspects, Josh Acosta, 21, of Fort Irwin and Frank Felix, 25, of Sun Valley, and Ms.Goodwill, 17 of Fullerton, SoCal ( were animal costume "furries" ) were arrested Sunday morning and booked into jail for investigation of murders of Christopher Yost and Jennifer Goodwill Yost.

Lisa Frank Felix the Cat with Top Hat Sticker

Susan Polk | Murderpedia, the encyclopedia of murderers Victim - Dr. Frank "Felix" Polk, 70 (her husband)

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"⠀x&o ; i ∫ REMiNiSCENCE , CHAN-YEOL" by monochromatics ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring McGinn, Belle Maison, Felix, Yves Saint Laurent, Paul Frank, WEEPINQANGELS and GREYSCALEGODS