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Dictionary.com’s Word of the Day - talisman - anything whose presence exercises a remarkable or powerful influence on human feelings or actions.

Most people would probably agree that it would be wonderful to be able to restore your brain naturally. Surely, being able to rewire your brain and shape it organically, so that specific functions are enhanced, is the stuff of fairy tales. However, research shows that the simple act of meditating regularly has the power to increase or reduce connections in the brain that influence health, feelings and behavior.

Your power is not in who you are, but Whose you are. Tap into God's immense resources and watch transformation flow to your marriage. Here are tips to help you positively influence your husband and marriage

Is your company considering influencer marketing? Many businesses aren’t sure if influencer marketing is a fit for them, or even how to go about pursuing a relationship with potential influencers. In this article, you’ll discover why social influencer marketing is useful, where brands are running influencer campaigns, and which tactics are most successful. Via @smexaminer.

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