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The Technologies That Power Self-Driving Cars [INFOGRAPHIC] - Nearly a dozen core technologies work together to make autonomous driving possible. Here's what the cars of the future will look like.

Concept work for Cartoon Network's Firebreather by Fred Gambino

I like this design. It looks powerful, durable, and clean.

Firs Vehicle Leasing Electric Cars Infographic

Considering an electric car? Call 0800 298 2030 -Here First Vehicle Leasing have highlighted some great stats including some pros and cons of electric cars.

In honor of the year's end, we present our look at today's technology as it might have been imagined by the futurists of yesteryear.   https://futurism.com/images/the-world-of-tomorrow/?utm_campaign=coschedule&utm_source=pinterest&utm_medium=Futurism&utm_content=The%20World%20of%20Tomorrow

What would today& technology look like to the futurists of yesteryear? Much of it would be nothing less than astonishing!

Below the surface. on Behance

Penguins standing on top of an iceberg ready to dive in to the sea, whilst below them trapped in the ice is a Yeti.Image is a paper sculpture.

This is a car catalogue everyone should consider. What are your thoughts? #GoGreen #EcoFriendly #Design

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Infographic is an environmentally friendly car guide, highlighting the fact that car emissions are the biggest cause of environmental pollution.

Mars Quick Facts: This infographic has facts and figures about the Red Planet and how it compares to our home world, planet Earth.

Mars Quick Facts - Find out basic facts about Mars. Science fun for kids, school, family and space fans too!

even the parking garage in Kuching had have this. Duh

Best invention for a parking garage

Funny pictures about Every Parking Garage Should Have This System. Oh, and cool pics about Every Parking Garage Should Have This System. Also, Every Parking Garage Should Have This System photos.