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NASA's twin Voyager spacecraft launched in August and September 1977. Aboard each spacecraft is a golden record, a collection of sights, sou...

Nasa’s Astronomy Picture Of The Day – Nearby Cepheid Variable RS Pup

Pulsating RS Puppis, the brightest star in the image center, is some ten times more massive than our Sun and on average times more luminous. - Image Credit: Hubble Legacy Archive, NASA, ESA - Processing: Stephen Byrne

NASA/JPL-Caltech/Arizona State University - A cratera Gale, na superfície de Marte, é o local onde está o veículo explorador Curiosity, da Nasa. A imagem obtida pela nave robótica Mars Odyssey - em órbita em torno do Planeta Vermelho desde 2001, é um mosaico feito com dados do Sistema de Imageamento por Emissão Térmica. As cores identificam as diferenças minerais na superfície do planeta. O diâmetro da cratera é de 154 quilômetros.

Enceladus, one of Saturn's moons. The Cassini spacecraft captured an image of plumes originating from the south pole of the icy moon with a very clear signature of small ice particles. There is possible evidence of Yellowstone-like geysers fed by reservoirs of liquid water.

Nearby Ancient Star is Almost as Old as the Universe - the age for the star HD 140283 is 14.46+-0.80 billion years, which places it among some the first few generations of stars created in the Universe. (credit: NASA, ESA & A. Felid (STScI)).

The Sombrero Galaxy.This massive, beautiful galaxy is over 50,000 light years from tip to tip. Where it gets its name is pretty obvious.