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I’ll never forget the moment I realized I could actually shape my own reality. I finally understood the power of my own thoughts. They key to harnessing that power is to prevent your brain from automatically pulling from past experiences when thinking about your present life and what you want for your future. Check out this video to learn how YOU can harness your thoughts and shape your future.

Your personal story – your message – has the potential to empower others and literally change someone’s life. The problem many of us have is that we have so much information we’d like to share. So many pivotal events that led up to our truly defining moment. Check out this video to learn how to identify the key events in your life and frame them, so that you can express your message in the most meaningful way. #message #personalgrowth #success #positivethinking #drmcayla

Fears start out as emotions, and our thoughts perpetuate the fear. When we focus on and challenge those thoughts, we can eliminate unhealthy, unproductive fears. Click here to watch my video on fears #power #boundaries #relationship #personalgrowth #success #positivethinking #drmcayla #fear #emotion #thoughts

The year 2014 was such a year of growth! Mindfulness has been a huge factor. Staying mindful and in the present is the cure to all fears, anxiety, depression, worry. Being in the moment! more at

The idea that you have to work your fingers to the bone for years to build a sellable company is flawed. In fact, the opposite is true. My friend Scott has been building businesses this way for twenty years. Part of the Amazing Jeff Walker Product Launch Group, Scott knows his stuff! He’s just released a video about three options every owner has for cashing in on the business that they’ve built - whenever they’re ready. Here’s the link:

One of the MOST crucial traits in a relationship is TRUST. But for many trust is a struggle. But if we come from hurt or disappointment the beliefs were operating from can be distorted or irrational. And if so, our thoughts are based on false assumptions. As well, the feelings tied to them are bound to be equally distorted and hardly to be trusted. So, how logical or how safe is it to conclude that if we feel something strongly we should believe it and allow it to control our behavior?

Dare to think unthinkable thoughts

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"Life is like a bicycle - in order to keep your balance you must always keep moving" #quotes