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How can anyone question God's creation? The thought that this precious creature, a palm tree, a killer whale, a mosquito, and a human being all came from the same single cell and happened by random chance??? It takes more faith to believe THAT!

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These 21 Pictures Of Baby Animals Should Always Stay In Their Baby Form

22 Unique, Adorable, And Sweet Pets You Can Carry Around On Your Finger

* * Must be a 4-5 week old Bombay as it is written they were bred to appear like small panthers. Healthy 'lil rascal.

Cute and Cuddly Baby Animals

hippios kill more people ever year than sharks, I can live with that.

Collection of cute baby animals..... <3

Animals should always stay in their baby form…

The Cutest Baby Animals

Life is precious. I once got to hold a fawn like this that needed to be rescued from a narrow pipe drench. It was amazing. Luckily, I saw him happily reunited with his mamma soon after.