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Oh that's right...if you are a Trump supporter, you are not a "moderate". You are the equivalent of a radical jihadist. I assume that there were Republicans who didn't support the Nazi Party, but then they wouldn't be asking stupid questions like this like other Republicans do.

Awww. I wish Namjoon would love himself. He's such a amazing artist and person. If I had a chance I would spend all day telling him about how he's perfect just the way he is

Brought tears to my eyes. Been very difficult to put into words but this is pretty close to a prefect explanation. Sometimes still afraid to fall but trusting in God that she will be strong enough to fly.

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... Because when you stop and look around, life is pretty amazing | Inspirational quote about life. |

Was thinking how neat would it be to have shoes that leave scripture as a footprint!! Then I realized that I am a footprint!!! Am I leaving behind an image of God in the tracks I leave??