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36 Times One Direction's Dance Moves Made You Weak At The Knees

Photo: Narry goals Idk why but harry looks like shawn if you cover his hair..

So the boys cover of "One Way or Another" got leaked. I find this low even for us because it was all for charity. I listened to it i'm not gonna lie. It's really good too. But I live in America so I can't download it. To anyone that CAN buy it PLEASE DO. IT'S HELPING KIDS IN NEED PLEASE. Louis tweeted that he doesn't like the fact that it was leaked. So again anyone that CAN BUTY IT PLEASEEEEE DO. Thank you

Which 1D Lad Will You Start A Family With?

Noelito Flow

But imagine if you were on Niall's place: Harry comes up behind you, holding a microphone to you. You feel his lips ghosting against your ear, his breathe tickling the side of your face. "Tell everyone how much you love me, baby." He whispers, his voice raspy and taunting. "Say it, and you might just get a reward tonight."