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The Experiment To test out their idea, scientists sprayed silver iodide (AgI, it is a chrystalline solid otherwise known as Dry Ice), which has a chrystalline structure much like that of ice, which increases ice crystal concentration, into a cloud. The chemical forced the freezing of present water droplets, and rain began falling from the cloud. The silver iodide acts as an ice nuclei, or embryo, for the droplets to form around.(see heterogeneous nucleation

Comparative study of liquid carbon dioxide and silver iodide seeding effects on cumulonimbus clouds rainfall enhancement and hail suppression - Online First - Springer

Choosing which cloud to seed, and which approach to use, can greatly affect the outcome.

FoEME's Jordanian Director Mr. Munqeth Mehyar met with the Ambassador of Thailand Mr. Piriya Khemponr in Amman on WEATHER MODIFICATION and cloud seeding, a program successfully developed & used in Thailand to enhance rainfall - to see if it can be used in Jordan to help manage their water resources and needs.

Diverting hurricanes might cause even more conflict than stealing another country's rain. It is theoretically possible by selective cloud seeding, given that a tropical storm derives its energy from the latent heat released as clouds are formed.

These aircraft-mounted flares can be dropped into appropriate cloud regions during flight. This rack holds 102 silver iodide flares.

All of the racks and generators are designed for strength and safety, bolting directly to structural members of the aircraft.

So here comes the conspiracy. Folks contend that military planes are being flown over our heads, deliberately SPRAYING chemicals into the atmosphere. But why?

L'ensemencement des nuages se répand petit à petit dans tous les ciels du monde. Cependant, il pose des questions qui n'avaient jusque là jamais été soulevées, et se heurte aux frontières des domaines connus des sciences.