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spy games: marleen gaasbeek by corrie bond for marie claire australia may 2013 | visual optimism; fashion editorials, shows, campaigns & more!

27 Signs Your S.O. Is A Spy

Leah closed her eyes and rested the cold metal of the gun on her head. It was always this way when she finished a mission. Going back to a dark old room, washing the blood off her hands, and contemplating the life she just took.

This picture reminded me of Polonius who seems to enjoy spying on people throughout the play. He first spies on his son, Laertes by sending Reynaldo to Paris and act as if he knows Laertes. This way he can find out if Laertes drinks, fences, swears or gets into fights. He then spies on Hamlet later on. He wants to test his theory that Hamlet is mad because of the frustration of his love for Ophelia.