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Im glad I could motivate you to loose weight, do something with your hair and buy more make up to contour your BIG face. None of that make up makes someone look smaller and thinner, nor the angle of the camera. LOL <3

Again this! Thanks for feeding into my game to see how pathetic you are sweetie, keep checking in ;)

Jealously often tarnishes relationships. Stay true to who you are and the right people that matter will be cheering for your successes!

Attention seeker.. Poor girl, We all know you don't get it at home- but I definitely don't have the time to give it to you... Please go away lol Grooming your canine yourself is a bonding encounter and is excellent for your pet, but it can be challenging at times. Grooming at household builds have faith in between you and your pet. Employing a qualified dog groomer is very good decision mainly because qualified puppy grooming companies are familiar with the correct way to groom canines and they know what is very best for your distinct breed.

Just sit your ass down cause I know you ain't getting up

You deserve an Oscar for the show you put on; because at the end of the day, you're still a shady ass person.


Samantha Jones @thingsbitchessay Instagram photo

Mind your own business!!!

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World's largest collection of funny kid pics (101 photos)

Quit stalking Me.....calling my house......sending emails .....creeping my FB and IG