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"I'm sorry for not being who you wanted, you'll never know how much I tried.." || Anime: Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso (Your Lie In April) || Edited by Karunase ||

"I hate when people ask me: "why are you so quiet?". Because I am, that's how I function. I don't ask you: " why are you so noisy? Why do you talk so much?". It's rude.." #Anime : Hyouka -Edited by Karunase -Tumblr:

"What's the point of having so many friends but when you're at your lowest point, not even one of them is there for you?.." -Anime: Charlotte (2015) -Edited by Karunase -Tumblr:

"Someone you haven’t even met yet is wondering what it’d be like to know someone like you.." -Anime: Kimi No Na Wa -Edit by Karunase Source:

"When I'm alone, I think. When I think, I remember. When I remember, I feel pain. When I feel pain, I cry. When I cry, I can't stop.." -Anime: Mekakucity Actors - Kagerou Project -PV: Lost Time Memories -Edit by Karunase -Tumblr: karunase.tumblr.con

"You look happy but you don't feel happy, that's what depression does to you.." - #Anime #Manga : Orange (by Takano Ichigo -Edited by Karunase -Tumblr:

" I'm not looking to escape my darkness, I'm learning to love myself there.." || Anime/Manga: Tokyo Ghoul || Edited by karunase ||