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READ--> so i will be doing this with my SU ocs Rhodolite and Azuramalachite so comment a number and letter and i'll draw them for you

Quick mermaid sketch to get something drawn. Might list her for sale on my Etsy later.

I realize i have that same crown pen :ooo lolz

Awesome! Follow she in the Instagram: @livijolo

A blog to share my drawings, tangle patterns, videos and tutorials

One of the illustrations I drew for my Hourglass Fanbook The rest of the artworks will be book-exclusive only~     I hope someday I'd have time to draw an actual kiss scene&nbsp...

Made by Joey #145 Finish My Tile Series "Barberpole" frame For my last post of 2016, I'm trying to play a little catch-up. My draw...

Please folow me! My mame is Bianca pitic bibi please! originals 18 45 a3 1845a3b22ec160959c83e1e3f8f73a91.jpg