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ethereal @Cate I'd like you to check out her entire board,"a study on trees" ... also, if we don't yet have a board dedicated to "treehouses" (or similar, like this one...) I'd like to start on. She has some magnificent images here to start us off.

Un giorno forse ..quello che tu tanto sognavi accadrà un giorno ci guarderemo negli occhi e racconteremo come quel "ciao ..."ci ha fatto trovare e non ci ha fatto più perdere ,perché perdersi e'dinenticare ..e io non voglio dimenticare .....♡♡♡♡

"You play the piano?" He shrugged, "It passes the time. My father had it made for me when I was about eight. He told me that if I practiced enough I could be like all the famous players."