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CATNIP/MINT (leaf/oil) Water/Venus - Mild relaxant & hallucinogen. Inspiration & love. Enhances sexual experience & romantic endeavors. Aids in intuition, dreamwork & visions. Cat magick.

"Modern Alternative Health" a site to use to assist your transistion from medications to herbs. To treat things at home. Finding the Althernative Care you Need" and a supportive site to bring you closer to nature and natural remidies, diets, and living.

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Catnip is more than just a dried herb for making cats happy; it has a history of medicinal and magical use going back over 2,000 years. #SexualEnhancement #SexualStrength

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10 Herbs To Grow in the Survival Garden

Nine Healing Herbs You Can Grow Yourself in a Healing Garden - and how to make an herbal tea

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Ultimate Bundle Baby Gifts and A Birth Announcement

Catnip and fennel have been used for generations to treat gas and colic in babies. We found Colic Relief, an organic liquid herbal extract from TriLight Health that contains those exact ingredients, and contains no preservatives, alcohol, sugar, or other nasty ingredients.

How And When To Harvest Catnip. Knowing how and when to harvest catnip - and also how to store it - is important for getting a potent, long-lasting supply.