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A lightweight cotton denim skirt that typically isn't anything special. But the way she's wrinkled it makes it look sexy on her!

This dress called "a wrinkled mess." Her sharply-crushed hip wrinkles look incredibly sexy, she wears it beautifully!

Love the way she wrinkles her skirts! She likes short and tight, perfect fit with her shape to crush intense wrinkles all down the front. She has a matching green skirt too...

Another nicely wrinkled skirt crotch on this linen skirt. A woman's size or shape doesn't matter, she just has a fascinating appeal to me when her skirt is intensely wrinkled like this!

2nd shot of her wrinkling another skirt the same way, but more extreme: a ramie (linen-like fabric) skirt. I love that this is her wrinkling pattern, she obviously isn't bothered by all the wrinkles on her skirts. This one is super-sexy!

The kind of front horizontal wrinkling I love on skirts! Wrinkles start below abdomen, 4 or more sharply-creased (6 here) down the middle third or more of the skirt. Usually tighter fitting skirt, hiked up when sitting to reduce stress on the fabric bunches it up in her lap, creates sexy sharply-creased wrinkles that unfold when she stands up.

Love a woman's miniskirt horizontally wrinkled down to it's bottom hem. Want to see her sit down to see how she wrinkles the front of her miniskirt so much!

Practically the entire front of this skirt is wrinkled! Again thicker bodies - wide hips and thick thighs - wrinkle skirts more in both the front and back. The skirt rides up more when she sits, I love how wrinkled it looks when she stands up.

One of the most extremely wrinkled skirt crotches I've seen. Her A-line skirt is tight in the hips, she pulls it up when sitting and wrinkles bunch up in her crotch area. Standing up the wrinkles unfold down to mid-thigh, more of them because the skirt is linen. Love the way it looks!