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A lightweight cotton denim skirt that typically isn't anything special. But the way she's wrinkled it makes it look sexy on her!

Love how she's crushing the back of her skirt sitting on her bike seat!

I love the way the back of this woman's wrinkled linen skirt looks, nicely creased from her sitting on it. She seems very comfortable and doesn't mind the wrinkles, good for her!

Love how wrinkled this skirt is! Listed as 100% cotton, wrinkled like linen. Have a fondness for women who wear really wrinkled skirts like this.

A very ordinary dress until I saw the back of it. Love the way she's wrinkled it!

Skirts wrinkle best on the back when they aren't tight. Some women sweep the back of their skirts or hold it against the back of their thighs as they sit down to keep the fabric from wrinkling. The women you see here didn't, their skirts hung down behind them and touched the seat and the fabric collapsed and folded under their butt and thighs when they sat down and wrinkles were crushed into it. After sitting for awhile, this was the result when she stood up.

This skirt looks like it was crumpled up in a suitcase or laundry bag. Skirt wrinkles look sexiest when they follow the natural contours of a woman's body, does this look as good as the other wrinkled skirts here?

The lovely wrinkles on the back of this woman's skirt show how every woman has a unique wrinkle pattern, none of the other skirts here are wrinkled like this. Front shot of this too...

More of the front view of this woman's extremely wrinkled skirt crotch. I just love the way tight deep wrinkles look on the front of a woman's skirt, that has always fascinated me!

A lovely extremely wrinkled miniskirt - linen, of course! The wrinkle patterns on skirts are unique to women's shapes (observe the different skirt wrinkles here), only about 1% of women's skirts are wrinkled this extremely. Here about 99% of them are, wrinkled skirt heaven!