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Cork magnet photo holder - 20 minute project - use a serrated knife to saw a slit to hold your photo. Cut a slim piece of the cork from the front to have a flat surface to stamp or write your sentiment. Push in a brad - use a push pin first to make this easier. Glue photo to a tag and place in the slit. Glue a magnet to the back of the cork and you're done!

Cork magnets - use a serrated knife to slice a thin section from the front and back of the cork then cut in half. Stamp words. You can sponge some color. Use brads. Glue a magnet to the back.

Cork note or appointment magnets- use a serrated knife to slice into the top or side of the cork so you can slide a note into it. You can also use a decorative paper clip in the top. Add brads. To make this a bit easier just poke a push pin into the cork first then the brads. Add a magnet and you are finished!

Wine cork key chains - super easy - use a serrated knife to cut a slice off of one side of the cork. Sand it, then stamp using stayzon ink. Use some cheap screw eyelets on the ends. Embellish and add a key ring. Stick brads in too!