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Linux taught me one thing (a lot of things tbh more than I could say or remember that's why I love the penguin): Definitely to use the terminal doesn't mean that it's going to be difficult opposite I would say that a lot of things are very easy to do throughout the console like installing software (Is there anything better than apt-get or pacman?) or connect to other device with SSH (I know that most people would never do this but I thing it's a good example of something that sounds complex…

Draw freely! 'Inkscape' is a free to download comprehensive vector graphics program. It's right up there with Photoshop. You are only limited by your imagination. I use it everyday & I love it. It's brilliant & it's FREE!!!

Alice, a computer programming software. Free Computer Programming Curriculum for High School Students http://www.alice.org/

DAZ Studio 4 Pro: No, its not Maya but it works for me and it uses the 3delight Renderman render engine.

Being able to unclick a box that says "Obey DRM limitations" is one reason I love Free Software.

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