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Sometimes you get ahead by looking back--this retro-look speedboat just oozes style...the on-the-water-equivalent of being spotted in a great classic sportscar

Saab J35 Draken (Dragon / Kite) - The Saab J 35 Draken was a design ahead of its time, producing the revolutionary double delta wing configuration.

Take A Tour Of Paris In The 1950s

Citroen U55 Cityrama Currus bus in Paris, 1954 ahead of their time.. #classiccarins

The 1920s satnav ... and other weird and wonderful gadgets that never quite took off

It was the invention of the future - a tiny machine complete with its own map that would tell motorists which way to go. But this was no satnav - after all, the communications satellites that help modern cars locate themselves were still decades away. Instead, the route-finder for the well-equipped 1920s driver was a wristwatch-style device equipped with minuscule maps.